"The bottom line is: because of the cleanliness of your facility, the medical knowledge exhibited by you and your staff, your attention to detail, the caring attitude freely expressed by each of you, and your skill as a surgeon, you all receive a BIG 10 Customer Service Rating (10 being the highest order of excellence). I would readily recommend your team to anyone in need of your expertise."

- Bernard A. Rains
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"Dr. Clever is a very knowledgeable and professional individual; but, he is also the most sincere, warm and compasionate physician I have encountered."

- Tom Hirsch
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"I am happy to recommend Dr. Clever to anyone needing Mohs surgery. The personal attention from Dr. Clever and his staff is beyond any that I have experienced elsewhere. Dr. Clever and his entire staff will put you at ease and make you as comfortable as possible in a very home like yet clinical atmosphere."

- Marty Dyer (R.N.)
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